“Grievances” a book by Thomas McKeon

For the past several years, in December, I’ve posted a list of rants called “The Festivus ‘Airing of Grievances’ Project.” The idea started when a coworker started posting three positive thoughts online each day, and was admittedly running out of ideas, when another coworker bet me that I couldn’t post at least three negative thoughts each day. I did and referenced Festivus after one of my favorite “Seinfeld” episodes. Many seemed to enjoy the posts while others joined my suicide watch. Each year since, people have asked for more so it’s become kind of a painful, anti-holiday tradition.

I’ve written a book called “Grievances” which is a compilation of some of those rants, with a few new ones added as I’m not quite right with the world.

If just one person gets just a little something out of this book, then of course I would consider it to be an abysmal failure. Hey, I need to move some units here people.


Countdown to Festivus










by Thomas McKeon

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