Palm Springs, Feb 1994 – We were all there for a bachelor party and we had the best day out at the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament. I enlisted my friend John Sheehan to help me to stalk Eddie Van Halen who was playing in the tournament (Foursome: Tom Kite, Gerald Ford, Bob Hope, Eddie Van Halen. As Sheehan would say a dozen times that day: “Who picked those teams?!”).

We came up next to fairway on one hole to wait for the group to come past us and an elderly volunteer told us to step back. I told him we were behind the ropes and he said, “No, you don’t understand, Gerald Ford is having a bad day.” And right on cue, President Ford yanked one into the crowd where me, Sheehan and the elderly volunteer all hit the ground as the ball barely cleared over the top of us.

I didn’t get Eddie’s autograph–he only had a few seconds between holes–but he said “I gotta go, just take this…” and handed me this pick. As he walked away, I could have sworn I heard Eddie mumble “…and fuck you too, Sheehan!”

(Note: Golf foursome pic is from a Wolfgang post in 2020, same event/day I describe in this post)